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Nice Fish Sr. or Grumpy Old Fishermen?

Look at these two and let us know what title fits best:   Mr Clive Piercy, Owner of the Chateau Victoria, is co-starring in a new fishing program called Nice Fish Sr. a spinoff of Nice Fish. After his experience last year sponsoring Nice Fish Jr, which co-starred his grandson Matthew, he was very excited [...]

Happy Austrailia Day!

You know, the January blues have such a hard time getting noticed these days with all the opportunity to celebrate in January.  Check out today’s Celebration in Clive’s.

Brian Corfield Joins the Chateau Victoria Sales Team

Please join in welcoming Brian Corfield, Sales Manager, for the Chateau Victoria.  Brian’s history with such company’s as Fairmont, Westin and the Oak Bay Marine Group combined with his love for Victoria will certainly blend in well with our culture.   “We feel he can help us deliver a higher standard of communication and service [...]

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Happy Rabbie Burns Day to the Poets and Romantics of the World

Robert “Rabbie” Burns 1759 – 1796 Robert Burns is the best loved Scottish poet, admired not only for his verse and great love-songs, but also for his character, his high spirits, ‘kirk-defying’, hard drinking and womanising! He came to fame as a poet when he was 27 years old, and his lifestyle of wine, women [...]