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Happy New Year to all our Chinese patrons, friends and employees

This year, the Chinese year 4710 begins on January 23, 2012. The Chinese all over the world are celebrating the New Year with a new sign, the dragon. But what are the Chinese up to during the New Year Chinese festivities? Read more:

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North America’s Largest Tea Exhibition February 18 & 19, 2012 @ Crystal Garden

That is right!  It is just down the street from the Chateau Victoria.  More people come to Victoria with tea on their mind than practically any other thing so why not plan to come while the teapot is hot. For more Information on the festival please visit the official website.      

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Clive’s Whisky Week 2012

Are you visiting on January 18 to 22? Plan to pop into Clive’s Classic Lounge next to the front desk and experience our second annual Whisky Fest.  With seminars, feature nights and tastings going on leading up and through Victoria Whisky Fest.  full session schedule here

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