Hotel’s owner, Clive Piercy, debutes on Nice Fish Sr.

Our beloved owner shows his passion for fishing on the waters around Vancouver Island and lower mainland.  Lots of fun, entertainment and education about a popular sport in BC.  He just might inspire the passion in you to try fishing on our island.


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  1. RicInVic says:

    Just saw this episode (July 7, 2014) on CHEK TV of 2 friends really enjoying their time on the water. I’ll have to stop by Clive’s tonight for a drink and to visit the trophies on the wall.
    And soon, wet a line myself. Maybe I’ll see them out there.
    Tight Lines.

    • mark says:

      Many thanks for the comment. Clive is an avid Fisherman and he has given the back room of Clive’s Classic Lounge a feel similar to Painters Lodge with his trophy fish. Please pop on in and enjoy them with a cocktail.

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