Roy Recommends – Best City Hikes – Beacon Hill Park & Mount Douglas Park

September is a beautiful time to explore the natural beauty in Victoria with a hike through a city park. Two of my favourites are Beacon Hill Park, near Chateau Victoria and Mount Douglas Park, a short 15 minute drive away.

Beacon Hill Park, located in James Bay and walking distance from the hotel, is a 200 acre historic park founded in 1858 by Sir James Douglas, governor of the Colony of Vancouver Island. It’s filled with beautiful gardens, a rustic stone bridge, numerous trails, beaches, and a lookout point with a breathtaking view of the ocean and Olympic Mountains.

Throughout the park you’ll find native Garry oak, arbutus, Douglas fir, and western red cedar trees along with swans, ducks, Canada geese and other wildlife. This park is well worth exploring.

In Saanich’s Gordon Head area you’ll find Mount Douglas Park. Begin your hike with a walk on the shores of the Mount Douglas Park beach, and then hike lush trails filled with wildflowers, Douglas fir, and cedar trees. There is a walking trail, and a steep road to take you to the mountain summit, a 213m elevation. At the top you’ll find the best view of the city – a full 360° view of rural Saanich, Victoria, and the Olympic and Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Mount Doug is a must see for anyone who visits Victoria.

If you have any questions on how to get to either of these beautiful city parks, stop by the concierge desk and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Roy Recommends

Roy has been a Concierge at the Chateau Victoria since 2004. He loves people and he loves Victoria. His favourite part of being a Concierge is introducing guests to the many hidden treasures that Victoria has to offer.

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  1. bryon sullivan says:

    I have been to Beacon Hill Park several times.Interestingly ,my favourite visit to this beautiful park was in February-a few years ago. My friend from Labrador was on his first trip to the west coast.Labrador is very cold in the winter.I promised him that flowers bloomed in Victoria in mid winter. He didn’t believe me ,until he saw with his own eyes many crocuses ,pansies ,some roses, and other flowering trees.The grass was green.It was great to see my friends eyes widen and he had a big smile from ear to ear.After that I told him we’d check out the palm trees near by.Roy seems to know Everthing about Victoria. With knowledgable people like Roy at your hotel it will make my choice where to stay in Victoria much easier.Sincerely ,Bryon

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