Environmental Initiatives

4 Green Keys

The Hotel Association of Canada’s Green Key Eco-Rating Program
has awarded the Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites a 4 Key Rating

A hotel that has shown national industry leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through wide ranging policies and practices. Hotel has mature programs in place that involve management, employees, guests, and the public, and which have shown substantial and measurable results.

For more information, visit The Hotel Association of Canada’s website

The Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites is committed to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment in which we live and work. The following are some of the environmental practices that we have incorporated into our everyday work life.

  • Low energy lighting is used throughout the hotel
  • The pool water is heated by recycling warm air from the pool area
  • We use clean burning natural gas
  • All organic kitchen waste is recycled and composted by a local waste management company for community projects
  • Our housekeeping department uses non-toxic biodegradable products
  • For multiple night stays, we replace bathroom toiletries only as needed
  • We donate many items to charitable organizations such as left over guest amenities
  • Vista 18 uses electronic “smart candles” on tables which eliminates butane fuel cells from going into the landfill
  • To conserve energy and water, bed linen is changed every second day for stay-over guests and fresh towels are provided at the guest’s request
  • We focus our menu on organic, local products and have planted our own garden to provide us with fresh herbs
  • We have installed window film in Vista 18 to minimize heating and cooling loads
  • We use remanufactured printer cartridges
  • We provide our guests with a  secure bike-lock up room, walking maps and information on public transit
  • Metal coat hangers are recycled
  • The water in our courtyard fountain is recycled
  • We recycle all of the following:

White and coloured office paper
Beverage cans
Clear, green and brown glass containers
Cardboard and plastics
Aluminum tin containers

We encourage our guests to join us in creating a better environment by placing all products that can be recycled in the blue ‘We Recycle’ basket in their room, turning off the lights and television and turning down the air conditioning unit when leaving the room.

The Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites has a 63% waste diversion rate ~ waste diversion directs garbage away from the landfills or incinerators through reuse, recycling, compost.


            Waste diversion is a key component of effective and sustainable waste management.

 Earth Day 2011

In celebration of Earth Day, the Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites hosted their 1st annual Earth Day celebration with South Park Elementary Family School on Thursday, April 21st, 2011. The students of South Park Family School created earth day posters on what Earth Day meant to them to be viewed during at the hotel during Earth Day.


The Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites celebrated with the South Park Elementary students with a mini art show of the student’s art work and an Earth Day BBQ, a variety of organic juices and Executive Chef, Garrett Schack of Vista 18 created a bull kelp relish in celebration of Earth Day.


Thank you to B&C Foods, Portofino Bakery, Happy Planet and Canadian Springs for donating to the successful 1st annual Earth Day Celebration raising over three hundred dollars for the Earth Day foundation, going to the EcoKids program, supporting environmental education to schools all over Canada.



Earth Day 2012


This year we asked our employee’s: What can we be doing to make out hotel a greener place?  We held an Earth Day contest for original, environmentally beneficial ideas that would demonstrate the importance of re-use and waste reduction and we received several green ideas from our employee’s.

We have implemented a few of the ideas already


  • Motion detectors in all of our public and employee wash rooms
  • Turning down the core temperature of the entire hotel

Earth Day 2013


This year we joined the downtown businesses in the Second Annual Earth Day Showdown.  Chateau Victoria Employees teamed together to clean up around the hotel and surrounding areas.


Paper Bag Princess with the King and Prince of Recycling

Bee-cause we care…


As part of our ongoing environment efforts we have adopted three bee-hives that are happily living on our roof. Victoria has a reputation as a city of gardens and those gardens and flower baskets will be much healthier with our 60,000 bees buzzing around. Awareness is the key, and action leads to change. Check out our bee page.

Our Environmental motto is
Think green and live clean.