The Chateau Victoria Bees

Bee journal Sept 9, 2013:  I am pleased to say that our bees have been very productive this year.  Each colony produced between 35 to 45 kilograms of honey made from the nectar of hundreds of millions of local flower blossoms.  The Chateau has proven worthy stewardship of the land by providing a home base/apiary for this miracle to take place.

Pollination by honey bees is crucial for fruits and vegetables, and I’m sure your neighbors and the community gardens are thankful for 100% pollination that produces bigger and tastier fruits and vegetables.  The Chef must “fit to be tied” with the very unique flavour of the multi floral honey I have delivered to him this season.

I will be by today (Saturday when the clouds and fog lift) to check our bees.  I am preparing them for winter now, and you have probably noticed the bees are down into one box.  We still have a huge population in each hive and that is what we want now, as they will keep the hive warm and with the incoming pollen, this will encourage the queen to continue to lay eggs.  These new bees will see the colony through our winter months, keeping the brood and food stores warm and at the ready for use.

April 8, 2013:  Looks like our challenge in keeping our bees alive and well continues.  All the more reason this hotel will do its part for our local farmers.  Have a look.

March 21: 2013:  Welcome to spring and our expanded family of bees.   Thats right, we have doubled our hives this year to keep up with demand from our kitchen and our bar for our house made honey.  Our bees will be hard at work for that golden sweet honey once the weather warms up.


The Chateau Victoria is proud to do our part for our local environment.  One of our big projects this year was to provide a productive home for about 60,000 bees on our roof.  We have learned that bee populations suffered massive losses three winters ago on Vancouver Island losing as much as 90% of our colonies.  The impact on our Island economy is large with over 100 cash crops worth $300 million.  One third of our food production is at risk without a healthy bee population.  This is very serious stuff when your hotel’s food philosophy is to buy local and use ingredients as close to home as possible.   “The honey and the bees wax is a great by-product of the project but the fact we are doing our part to help our local farms stay healthy and profitable is the real motivator to keep our bees” states Garrett Schack, Executive Chef at the Chateau Victoria.


A Crazy Bee Beard outside out legislature

Our Capital Region Bee keepers.






Possible products for purchase.  Are you interested in buying honey for your delegates?  Please contact Brian Scullion at the number below for information on your options.

For more information on our bees and the amazing honey they produce, please contact our Bee Keeper, Mr. Brian Scullion at 250-385-7129 or visit his site at

Many thanks to Brian for taking these amazing images of our downtown Bees.