February 24, 2014

Improvements continue this winter

Last Spring we presented a new lobby that really transformed the arrival experience for our guests.  This winter, we have been transforming all our guest floors. The map idea actually came form our designer.  While working in the lobby, last year,  she observed the number of people seeking a map to explore our downtown area.   […]
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September 6, 2013

Cheateau Victoria’s Newly Renovated Traditional Rooms are a Must See

At Chateau Victoria we are so proud of our newly renovated Traditional Rooms that we just had to share with you this new video showcasing the fresh look and feel. These Traditional Rooms are located on the 2nd through 4th floor, are 100% non-smoking, and are family and dog friendly – perfect for a family […]
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August 6, 2013

A Touch Of Green

As a finishing touch to our hotel renovations in the lobby,  Front Desk Employees will be sporting new green shirts to compliment the colour pallet of the new lobby.  Besides looking amazing, they also feel the colour represents our growing desire to green up our daily lives both at home and at work.   We continue […]
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April 19, 2013

You are going to love what we have in store for you this season!

As with every season, the team at this downtown Victoria hotel always spruce up our house to get ready for our guests.  This year, however, we did a major makeover to really set the stage for a great welcome.  Our lobby is completely renovated and ready for your inspection.  As are all of our Traditional […]
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November 15, 2012

“After 30 years of cleaning you!!! ~~~good bye dear toilets~~~we won’t miss you.”

Our housekeepers seem to be happy to be rid of old Johnny.  He was waste-full noisy and had a tendency to be stuck up. Replacing old Johnny is a new sleek model called the Viper.  Just the name implies a sense of excitement.  All kidding aside, our new commode will save a great deal of […]