Clive’s Classic Lounge

Clive’s Classic Lounge pays homage to the well known business man, philanthropist and one of the last independent hotel owners in Victoria. Clive Piercy has helped develop and build Victoria into the beautiful city it is today and Clive’s Classic Lounge is his representation of decades of hard work. Like Clive, the staff at Clive’s believe in quality, service and the unwavering dedication to being the best.


Our fans believe our bartenders treat alcohol like a master chef treats food.  It is entertaining to watch listen and taste. Some think of it as the best learning experience they have ever enjoyed while others seek to learn how to create such amazing tastes to bring home and impress their friends.  What ever the reason, it is certainly worth a note on your agenda to include a visit to Clive’s.  Explore the heart of Victoria’s cocktail culture and give your pallet a ride it will never forget.

Victoria’s Best Hotel Bar, Canada’s Best Hotel Bar and one of the top ten in the world, according to Tales of the Cocktail.  This is Clive’s Classic lounge.

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