Chateau Renovations

2014 renovations are focusing on our guest hallways.  We are closing up to three floors at a time to replace carpet, wall covering, ceiling, molding, and lighting.  We are also incorporating a special cabinet to conceal room service trays and our recycle boxes.   The result is a brighter, more contemporary corridor that reflects the style of our new lobby.   One designer’s touch that is getting rave reviews is our wall maps by each elevator bank.  Our guests are mapping out their walk as they wait for the elevator.


Old Hallways

New Hallways

Wall maps at each elevator bank


Notes on our recent renovations:

We can’t thank you enough for being with us during our upgrades.

Take a look at a video tour of what our new rooms look like:

This was the scope of our winter project:

Phase one (Traditional Rooms on floors 2, 3 and 4)  November 1, 2012 to December 30, 2012 (COMPLETE)


Renovations will consist of the following:

1. Furniture and fixture replacement

2. Beds and bedding replacement (queen beds will replace double beds)

3. Carpet replacement

4. Bathroom tile and toilet replacement

5. Ceiling treatments

6. Window treatments

7. New artwork, accessories & linens

 Phase two (Lobby) January 2 to mid March 2013.


1. Removal and replacement of all marble, tile and carpet.

2. Removal and replacement of ceiling mirrors and lighting with more contemporary treatments.

3. Installation of a feature fireplace.

4. Removal and replacement of furniture and fixtures

5. Installation of work stations

6. New Art


April 4: The Entire lobby is complete and open for use.  We are waiting on our special carpet order but temporay carpet is in place so guest can use it now.  We are very proud of the result.

March 20: Section 3 has all floor tile down.  New lighting is installed and operational.  Walls and ceiling are ready for paint and final molding treatments. Wall tiles on the last two pillars is to happen before the end of the week.  Carpet and furniture have arrived and are waiting for the walls to be complete.  We expect the contruction to finnish on Friday March 22 and the decoration to be complete by Thursday March 28.

March 5: We now have 2 of the three lobby sections completed and fully operational.  These are the critical sections that provide access to the elevators, work stations, parking, front desk and to Clive’s Classic Lounge.  The furniture has been installed and the look is dramatically different than the old lobby.  New Features like work stations, front desk and the fire place are fully operational and having a big impact on guest experience.

The last of the three sections of the lobby started into heavy demolition.  It was a noisy day on the ground level but as of 4pm the noise finished.   We are on track to have the project wrapped up by the 3rd week of March.

February 13:  Today marks the opening of our new front desk and a major turning point in our lobby renovation.  With the front desk coming back on line, our house guests will not have any major obstructions to travel around in getting from the front door, to the desk and on to the elevators.  Cabling and wiring are always the biggest challenge as well as tiling in front of the elevator banks.  with these two portions of the project complete,  we can assure ease of access to check in and to the elevators.  Our guest works stations are operational as well.   Tiling in front of lobby washrooms are underway today which has closed Clive’s Classic Lounge until 5pm on February 14th.  We still have two temporary construction wall moves to address the parts of the lobby not yet touched, but they can move much quicker now.  Our last remaining hurdle is in front of the entrance doors.  With two sets of two door each, it won’t present a problem to shut down one section at a time for the tiling.  For images of our progress, please visit our facebook page.

January 23: Temporary Front desk is up and operational as planned.  Traffic flow has changed as temporary walls shift from one area to another.  We have been delighted in the lack of challenges we have had to face, thanks to our amazing construction crew.  I have never experienced such a cooperative group of people.  As we close in on three months of renovations we are on time and have not had one negative guest complaint due to construction.  Note:  We have moved frequent image updates to our facebook page for ease of loading so please click here for updates.

January 10:  Plans for the Front Desk construction are finalized.  On January 23, the front desk operation will move to a temporary desk 3 meters in front of the current desk to make way for the removal of the old desk and installation of the new desk.  Temporary walls will be erected around the old desk area to shelter any dust from the lobby still used by guests.  Guest will still be able to access the hotel through the front doors, check in at the temporary front desk, and access the elevators through the lobby. the new desk will be in service in early February.  From this point on we will be opening completed areas of the lobby and closing old ares in order to maintain access for our guests.  The entire project is expected to be complete by mid March and we remain on schedule.  Work is only performed during normal business hours to minimize any inconvenience.

January 2:  Traditional Bedroom renovations finish and our attention turns to the lobby as temporary walls divide our lobby in half.  One half continues it’s function of hosting our guest while the other half begins it’s transformation.

December 20:  It has been a busy week the arrival and installation of carpet,  the arrival and unpacking of furniture,  the installation of drapes and the general setting up of each room.   We aim to have our fourth floor in service by end of day on Friday December 21 with the 3rd and 2nd floor following prior to December 31.   The new rooms are really starting to take shape and our employees are very excited with the new look.

December 17: Test wall in the lobby is a success.  Textured fireplace wall all is also approved.  Colours and textures are approved for entire lobby starting January 2.

Dec 14: New ceiling lights installed, new beds delivered and prepared for each room. all tile and toilet installations are in.  All evenflo plumbing preparations are complete.  All trim and wall treatments complete.   We are expecting the carpet delivery on Dec 17 and all sub-floor preparations are done.  Despite the delay in the carpet, we will have new rooms to sell by Friday Dec 21.


Dec 3:  Bedrooms are on schedule.  We are completing the installation of Bathroom tile and new low flow toilets.  They brighten the bathroom so much.

Installation of carpet nail strips and under-padding has begun.  We expect this process to last until about December 14 for all 58 rooms.  Housekeeping is in with the installers to ensure walls, windows and doors are cleaned as they finish a room.   Carpet expected on December 15 with installation taking us to December 21 to complete.  The Carpet delivery is about a week behind our expected delivery but we are confident we will have new rooms ready for sale by our goal of December 20.  New furniture and bedding is stored until carpet has arrived and a portion of rooms is ready for contents.

Under-padding installationcleaning as we go


The lobby renovation has not officially started but a portion of the lobby is walled off to install our new fireplace and to test the walls with our new treatments and colours.   This will be back in service for December 22.   Other portions of the lobby will not start until January.  Note that our mirrors and old wall treatments have been completely removed.

Nov 20: Hording is up in a small section of the lobby to test colours and textures.  We are also installing the new gas fireplace as just one of the many new design features to make our lobby as cozy as it can be.  Not much to look at yet.


Nov 15:  Toilets and carpet are removed from floors 2 3 and 4.   See Post

Nov 6:  3rd floor has been cleared of furniture.

Nov 1:  Removal of tile in bathrooms has begun.  We are able to do this without the use of a jackhammer which is proving to be much quieter then expected.  No sound transfer is leaving the floor.  New tile has be laid in about ten rooms so far and is looking great.  New Viper toilets are going into the rooms with the new tile.  They move twice the material with half the water use so our environmental committee is delighted.  Over-all the look is brighter, cleaner and more contemporary.



2nd floor garage become temporary storage