Another Reason to Visit Victoria

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Looking for another attraction to see while you are visiting?  The Chateau Victoria is only 2 short blocks away from the Royal BC Museum that is a world class cultural venue and a must see when visiting Victoria.
Check out the museum’s newest exhibit - Our Living Languages: First Peoples’ Voices in BC.  This exhibit shows how resilient and diverse the 34 First Nations languages in BC are and how they are changing and surviving with the new generation.  Enjoy original First Nation’s artwork and interactive stations.

Another exhibit that is passing through and is here until November 11, 2014 is Vikings – Lives Beyond the Legend.  This exhibit has made it’s first North America stop at the Museum.  See how the Vikings lived in this interactive exhibit and have a look at rare artifacts that have never been shown outside of Scandinavia.
Check out Vikings: Journey to New Worlds at the IMAX Theatre.



So spend an afternoon (or a day!) wandering through history!
Your entry fee gets you access to both of these exhibits, as well as to the permanent collections.

Fifa at Clive’s Classic Lounge

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Our famous cocktail lounge is not a sports bar but for this international event, it presents a great opportunity to showcase some of the amazing international cocktails we make at Clive’s.  Gather your friends and join us to watch the “beautiful game” with the best cocktails in the city from the nation you choose to cheer on.  Please have a look at our special offering here 719px-WC-2014-Brasil.svg

Clive’s Classic Lounge Wins International Recognition!

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To all guests and fellow staff,


Yesterday I found out that Clive’s has been nominated for “Best International Hotel Bar” at Tales of the Cocktail 2014, the Olympics of the craft bartending world. We are honored and proud to be considered for this award. Just under one year ago Clive’s the bartending team, who also earned this same nomination in 2011 and 2012, moved on to open Little Jumbo. This changing of the guards gave Katie and I the opportunity to take on the extraordinary reputation Shawn and Nate built at Clive’s and continue to build and promote cocktail development while maintaining consistent standards of quality and care in every cocktail we make. I’m extremely happy with how well this new chapter at Clive’s has been received. It’s been a blast creating our own, fun, and fervent dimension to the menu and atmosphere, Thank you for your support and faith in our abilities. This nomination is a testament to the fact that we are not only maintaining the reputation that had been developed over the past few years, but we are progressing in our craft and the global cocktail industry is noticing what we have done over the past year. The support of our patrons and Victoria’s cocktail community has been nothing short of amazing, this truly is world class cocktail city.

Tales of the Cocktail Pres Release.



Jayce Kadyschuk

Manager/Executive Barkeep

Clive’s Classic Lounge

Chateau Victoria Hotel

740 Burdett Ave.
Victoria BC