Can’t you just TASTE it?

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If you are in town now, you have to make your way to a great annual event at the Victoria Conference Centre, just around the corner from our hotel.  This is a real treat of Victoria food and wine.

If you go, be sure to look for our crew from Vista 18.


Chateau staff say goodbye to two of our longest staying guests.

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LAKE & LILY are two Bull Mastiffs who have called the Chateau Victoria home for most of the past year as their owner was in town for contract work.  Having the dogs with her was important and the Chateau’s dog loving staff made them feel so welcome they felt more at home here than anywhere else.

Hello Front Desk, I am going to need a wake up call and a doggy bag for my trip home.


We had our “reservations” about taking two dogs of this size but the experience turned out to be extremely positive for our human guests, our dog guests and our staff.  These really are gentle giants tipping the scale at about 150 lbs each.   They would often hold court in the lobby most evenings, always available for a pat on the head or a shake of the paw.  We never heard so much as a bark or growl the entire time they were with us.  They know every staff member and are considered one of the hotel family.

Despite the fact they were very well behaved dogs we do plan to take the suite they called home apart, and redo everything required to make it fresh again.

So long Lake and Lily.  We will miss you both.



Good luck to all Victoria – Maui Sailors

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July 5th is the start of the Cruising division and July 7th is the start for the racers.  This is one of those classic completions drawing competitors from around the globe.  If you are in house over these dates, be sure to pop down to the inner harbour for a look.


To Track the race, click here.