The Chateau’s Artist in Residence for May is Elizabeth Dailey

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Liz Dailey makes her living creating and teaching visual art.  She has her Honours BFA degree fro the University of Calgary, B.Ed. degree from the University of Western Ontario and recently completed her Masters in Art      Education in 2011 from the University of Western      Ontario.  She participates in many art exhibits including several solo shows.  She enjoys working in a large range of media including oil, encaustic oil, conte, charcoal, acrylic, pastels, ceramics and glass fusing and slumping.  Liz lives and breathes the arts and is currently working in a shared studio at Cedar Hill Arts Centre.

Art work creating in our lobby

Please have a look at her website:

News is buzzing about our 60,000 new arrivals today

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As part of our environmental program, we have adopted three local hives of honey bees and given them a home on our roof.  Victoria has a reputation as a city of gardens and those gardens and flower baskets will be much healthier with our bees on the job. Our guest will benefit as well with our healthy house made honey showing up on our menus. Did you know honey is considered one of the most ethical and environmentally friendly choices over cane or beet sugar? It is loaded with anti-oxidants too. Expect to see allot more about our bees in the future from our kitchens and bars.


Bees arrive on our roof

May is the busiest month of the year for hosting major sporting events in Victoria

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We welcome all teams to our city and wish you the best of luck:


* May 3-6 – The Canadian Open Synchro Swim Championships. Teams from across Canada arrived in Victoria May 1st.


* May 6-727th Annual Garden City Gymnastics Meet at the Panorama Recreation Centre.


* May 13-14 – Davy Conn Memorial Baseball Tournament with teams from Nanaimo, Vancouver and      Seattle.


* May 18-21 – U16 Girls and Boys National Waterpolo Championships


* May 19-20 – Luxton Pro Rodeo attracts international professionals to Langford


* May 24-30 – The National Coaching Institute is hosting an International Coaching Conference at PISE.


* May 26. The Kettleball Spring Classic (Fitness Challenge sanctioned by the World Federation).


* May 27 – Swiftsure International Yacht Race


* May 27 – Subaru Shawnigan Lake Triathlon


* May 27-28 – Victoria Highland Games


* May 27 – April 1. The Canadian University/College Golf Championships at Cordova Bay

Chef Garrett Schack on Yum TV

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Vista 18 is blessed with a TV celebrity and we are all so glad he is cooking and not singing or dancing.  Some talents are meant to keep private.

Enjoy the show and be sure to visit Vista 18 on your next trip downtown.