Happy Austrailia Day!

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You know, the January blues have such a hard time getting noticed these days with all the opportunity to celebrate in January.  Check out today’s Celebration in Clive’s.

Brian Corfield Joins the Chateau Victoria Sales Team

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Please join in welcoming Brian Corfield, Sales Manager, for the Chateau Victoria.  Brian’s history with such company’s as Fairmont, Westin and the Oak Bay Marine Group combined with his love for Victoria will certainly blend in well with our culture.   “We feel he can help us deliver a higher standard of communication and service for group and individual business travelers” comments Brenda Ollis, General Manager.  Brian joined the team January 9th,  replacing Jane Antaya who is retiring after 20 years of service to the hotel.  Jane’s primary responsibility was our tour business which will be managed by Mark Paul, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Happy Rabbie Burns Day to the Poets and Romantics of the World

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Robert “Rabbie” Burns 1759 – 1796

Robert Burns is the best loved Scottish poet, admired not only for his verse and great love-songs, but also for his character, his high spirits, ‘kirk-defying’, hard drinking and womanising! He came to fame as a poet when he was 27 years old, and his lifestyle of wine, women and song made him famous all over Scotland.

If you are visiting us, please know we have one of the largest selections of Scotch in Victoria to help you toast the Bard

Robert Burns

A Winter Night

WHEN biting Boreas, fell and dour,
Sharp shivers thro’ the leafless bow’r;
When Phoebus gies a short-liv’d glow’r,
Far south the lift,
Dim-dark’ning thro’ the flaky show’r,
Or whirling drift: More

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