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January 5, 2012

guest coment sent direct to the hotel in January 2012

Brenda Ollis & Staff,
My girlfriend and I are guests in room 1502.
We just felt the need to let you know how enjoyable our stay has been so far. Rachel had never been to Victoria and I had grown up here before moving overseas in 1997.
Your hotel, your staff and the general experience here has been absolutely fantastic.
Our first night we ate late in Vista 18 and met James. A character we had a great time with for sure!! Today after a tour of Buchart we came back to Clives for some seriously good steaks and champagne…contemplating going for more tomorrow night.
Our decision to extend our stay in Vic is partly to do with The Chateau Victoria.
Great hotel, great amenities and excellent staff. I have no idea why I stayed elsewhere every time in the past…nasty.
This visit to Victoria is a special one for me and your hotel has added to the “perfectness” of our vacation.

Thank you!!!

Geoff & Rachel
Calgary AB