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May 28, 2012

Mother’s Day Review

Dear Ms. Ollis,
On Mother’s Day weekend I was treated to a delightful stay at your gracious hotel and dinner at Vista 18.  The whole experience was  wonderful; from the well-mannered, cheerful staff, to our well-appointed suite 903.  We could not have enjoyed ourselves more, everything was perfect, including our dinner at Vista 18 on Saturday night. Our children are all grown and living far afield, so celebrating such an important day can be difficult and leave a 60 something mum feeling a bit wistful. This was a very memorable and happy weekend.
The complementary coffee in suite was a unexpected pleasure.  I felt embarrassed to ask the desk clerk for more, but we were politely obliged. I have not had a cup of coffee in over six months, not since my supply of Seattle’s Best ran out and I spent months trying to find a brand that agreed with me, only to give-up coffee all together.  The coffee you supply, Oughtred’s “Carmanah”  is delicious and I spent the next few days hunting it down and finally visting the Oughtred’s commercial office on Vanalman Avenue. The staff at Oughtred’s went out of their way to make us feel welcome and to provide us with the correct brewing vessel to go with the Carmanah.  It was an informative visit too, as we learned about “sustainable coffee.” We came home with a large supply of this rich, nutty brew and everybody loves it.
Thank you to your staff,  Kevin in Vista 18 and to you.
We will be back.
Very truly yours,
Deborrah R from Victoria, BC