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September 5, 2012

September’s artist adds a splash of colour to our lobby

the works from Donna Williams

Donna Williams is our Artist in Residence for the month of September and what a splash of colour she brings to our lobby.

Donna lives and paints in Victoria BC, Canada. She has studied painting with numerous BC Artists as well as at the Coupeville Arts Center in Washington State. After several years of painting impressionistic landscapes, she spent three years of classes and individual in abstraction with Bill Porteous at the Bill Porteous Studio un Victoria BC. Most recently she added an International perspective to the development of her work by studying at the College of Art in Edinburgh Scotland.

The results of Donna’s journey to abstraction are portrayed by dynamic and engaging paintings that draw the viewer to them. The paintings invite a response to the colours, textures and  feelings that the images evoke.

The creation of abstract paintings requires a journey within and presents a challenge to the artist to develop a visual language that evolves with the journey. The inspiration to embark on this journey came from many years of appreciating the original works of the Impressionists and the Abstract Expressionists in major galleries throughout north America and Europe. This sustained interest created a desire to paint in a non representational way.  As in life one experience leads to another, so in my painting one painting follows another, builds upon it, and creates a dialogue via series of work.

Donna will be painting every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from about 10am to 5:00pm during the month of September.