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November 15, 2012

“After 30 years of cleaning you!!! ~~~good bye dear toilets~~~we won’t miss you.”

Our housekeepers seem to be happy to be rid of old Johnny.  He was waste-full noisy and had a tendency to be stuck up.

Johnny's on the truck

Replacing old Johnny is a new sleek model called the Viper.  Just the name implies a sense of excitement.  All kidding aside, our new commode will save a great deal of water with fewer backups than our old toilets.  Water usage in Greater Victoria comes from a reservoir that only has a finite capacity and with longer, dryer summers and increased population in the area, the need to conserve is greater then ever.  Our hotel is doing its part to replace the old toilets that use 13 liters per flush with our new Vipers that use only 4.8 liters per flush.  This month will see 59 toilets replaced as part of our renovation of our traditional rooms.  This will continue next year as we move up the tower to eventually replace them in all 177 units.  Want to learn more about the Viper?  Check it out here.

Also check out our reno page for a complete update on our renovations.