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March 5, 2013

Victoria’s first hotel with Lodgenet HD TV

The days of looking at a terrible picture on a hotel TV are now over at the Chateau Victoria.  We are very proud to walk you through a much better HDTV experience with our new Lodgenet HD service.  The HDTV signal comes from Shaw and is  funneled through Lodgenet.   As in the past, you will see free TV, pay per view movies, and hotel services through the TV’s remote.  With this new service there is an APP for your smart phone that will show you all there is to see, prior to, or during your stay at the hotel.   You can download this APP for free by going to  Note: you will see an option to buy a years worth of programming for $0.99 but you will not require this to just view your hotel’s local TV guide.  If you watch a lot of pay per view movies in various hotels, the $0.99 option might be worth it for you as it provides discounts on those movies through the app.

This new technology has one temporary drawback that we hope to negate by providing you with some simple options.  The guide on our actual hotel TV only shows the TV station associated with that channel number.  Actual programming by time is not yet available.  We have three solutions:

1. Call the front desk from your room and ask for a hard copy of our local TV programming and we will run it up to you.

2. Download the APP and follow these instructions: 1. Open the App and click on MY HOTEL.  2. Make sure the location is set to VICTORIA, BC, then hit search.  3.  Select Chateau Victoria from the list.  4. Select IN-Room TV.  5. Select TV control.    That’s it!  You will see a program guide on your phone.

3. Click here for My TV Grid.  The HD Channels start at #200 so Channel 200 is ABC which is Channel 2 on your hotel TV and they go up from there.

You told us your TV experience was important and we responded as quickly as we could to get you the best TV we could find.  Please enjoy our new service.