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August 6, 2013

A Touch Of Green

Our Well Dressed Front Desk Team

As a finishing touch to our hotel renovations in the lobby,  Front Desk Employees will be sporting new green shirts to compliment the colour pallet of the new lobby.  Besides looking amazing, they also feel the colour represents our growing desire to green up our daily lives both at home and at work.   We continue to find new ways to reduce our impact.  Things like purchasing products with less packaging, buying as local as we can,  reducing large orders of perishable products that can spoil and giving back to our community when ever possible are now at the heart of our way of doing business and conducting our lives.  Even the renovation process has a great deal of green in the way it is carried out using the same themes as mentioned above.   A very big part of our greening process is yet to come as we consider major mechanical upgrades and state of the art heat recovery solar hybrid systems to reduce our carbon footprint as the building increases its efficiency.

One thing we will dispense freely and in a abundance is our friendly service and it shows in our customer reviews.   Something we are very proud of and our competitors are green with envy.   Please stop by, have a look at the lobby and tell us what you think of the new look.

The Front Desk Crew in Action