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December 6, 2013

Our local food gets noticed in Vista 18

Dinner was absolutely amazing, truly.  Your staff were so professional and took care of our every need and then some and we all so enjoyed just sitting back and letting you all make decisions on our behalf.  The wine pairings were perfect (ok, the hangover, maybe not so much…) and it was really special that such attention was given to our delicious and oft overlooked BC selections.  As I’m sure you could surmise from the completely empty plates returning to the kitchen between each course, we enjoyed and savored everything that you created for us. 


We got talking on the way home (Don’t worry, Bekki drove) and we really couldn’t select a favorite, not to be cliché, but the entire experience was what we all so enjoyed and appreciated.  On a personal note, I was really inspired by what you did with the herring.  Most seem to be afraid of a fish which has more depth of flavor and can easily take over and ruin a dish, but you complimented it perfectly with simple seasoning and a mouth watering beet mixture.   The melt in your mouth bison paired with the bold cheese was also heavenly, but really, I enjoyed everything.


Thank you again for squeezing us in, in this, your most busy time of year.  Problem is, now none of us want to even bother trying to cook for ourselves.


You and your staff certainly gave us an evening to remember, thanks Garrett.





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Paul Chaddock