May 11, 2018

Why Our Staff Love Working Here

It’s no secret that many Victoria businesses are struggling to find and retain employees. Unemployment in Victoria has been extremely low in recent years, dropping to the lowest in Canada (3.3%) a few months ago. Some businesses even closed their doors for lack of staff. Local restaurant, North 48, had to cease operation last summer when they were unable to replace line cooks. Indeed, demand for employees has never been higher.

This has caused local businesses and the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce to lobby the provincial government for affordability measures that could decrease the cost of living in Victoria and allow more people to move here. Afterall, Victoria is currently the third-most expensive city in Canada (trailing only Toronto and Vancouver) and many businesses have said affordability is the greatest barrier to finding employees in Victoria.

While many stakeholders work diligently to resolve this complicated issue, employers should consider all available tools to incentivize new hires and retain their staff. Legislative changes could take years to affect Victoria’s job market in a significant way; smart workplaces will take action now.

As we approach our annual Employee Appreciation Night here at the Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites, we’re not only preparing to recognize our long-service employees — individuals who have chosen to work with us year after year — but we are also taking time to recognize how we have managed to hold on to such amazing people for so long. It’s not for lack of options that our team members choose the Chateau Victoria over other workplaces.

Aside from one-time events like the Employee Appreciation Night and Annual Christmas Party, our hotel offers a robust benefits program to every employee. This includes:

Employee Association
The Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites is proud to have a non-profit Employee Association which is voluntarily funded by hotel employees. It organizes events and social gatherings throughout the year that are open to all employees and their guests.

Dining Discount
50% off of your total food bill in Vista 18 and Clive’s Classic Lounge (including up to five guests)

Guest Rooms Discount
Employee, Family & Friends rates, as well as seasonal rates based on availability.

Employee Meal Program
The Chateau Victoria offers an exceptional staff meal program for all departments.

Personal Business Cards
After 6 months.

BC Transit Pro Pass – a discounted bus pass program that is deducted off your paycheque.

Monthly Parking & Bike Storage

Purchasing Program
Employees may buy any items the hotel buys regularly at our wholesale pricing.

Personal Dry Cleaning
Employees can have their personal dry cleaning done at hotel cost.

Lockers/Change Rooms/Employee Lounge
Employee facilities are there for you to change in, relax in and enjoy a moment of peace.

Educational Allowances
Thinking of upgrading your skills, knowledge, or leadership style? We stand behind you in such decisions and have created an Educational Allowance, which increases in scope with each consecutive year of employment.

Industry Discounts
The Chateau Victoria has partnerships with dozens of local businesses. Employees may present their employee ID card to benefit from preferred pricing.

We’re not trying to tell anyone how to run their business, nor are we suggesting that a generous benefits package will solve this tough job market for everyone, but we do recommend all employers take a look at what they offer prospective employees outside of regular work and steady pay. Treat your staff like gold — it’ll only make them shine brighter!