January 17, 2019

How does your hotel reduce its environmental footprint?

In 2018, we introduced new bath amenities in our rooms and suites.

Unlike the previous products, which were supplied in single-use, recyclable containers (30 ml), our new bath amenities are provided in larger, refillable bottles (300 ml). We also used to provide every guest room with a bar of soap, but now we offer liquid soap as part of the new system.

We have been very happy to discuss these changes with our guests since reducing our environmental footprint is very important to us, and hotels have a great opportunity to adopt sustainable practices.

Single-use containers require the manufacturing of packaging. If not disposed of properly, they end up in landfills, and, even when recycled, new containers must be produced to meet demand. Refillable containers, on the other hand, offer the same (or in our case, better) products without the packaging and without the potential for waste.

This is especially true for bars of soap. Provincial health and safety legislation requires that bars of soap must be discarded after a single use, and also that they cannot be reused in any way (even as a donation to a charity in need of hygiene products). In the past, dozens of barely used bars of soap ended up in the trash every day, and that was something we could not conscience.

For these crucially important reason, we no longer stock single-use bath amenities or bars of soap in our guest rooms. We are thrilled to see many hotels around the world making similar improvements.

At the Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites, we take steps to reduce waste and conserve energy wherever we can, even when it costs the hotel more to do so. Tourism is poised to be a leader and example of sustainable business. Please share your sustainability ideas with the hotels you visit and encourage them to make changes that protect our planet.

Learn more about our hotel’s sustainable practices here.