Victoria’s Milestone Anniversary

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Did you know our city is older than Vancouver?  We are about to celebrate our sesquicentennial on August 2, 2012.   Thats 150 years from a fur trading post and Canada’s Pacific Navy port to our provincial capital and one of the world’s prettiest cities,  we are proud of our city and we want to share it with you this year.

For information on the developing celebration, please click here

For historical facts on our city and it’s people, click here.


Happy Earth Day!

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Celebrated every April 22, Earth Day is the largest, most celebrated environmental event worldwide.

Happy Earth Day! Here at the Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites, we are committed to our environmental initiatives and after our Earth Day Contest, we have more green ideas to celebrate and implement the wonderful ideas that our employees submitted.

We had over thirty five submission and the winner of the Chateau Victoria Earth Day Contest is Heidi, from our reservations department!

Heidi’s idea is to convert our pool into a saline pool. Saline pools are gentler on the environment and are just as hygienic as chlorinated pools. We’re in the process of researching the conversion and are very excited to be taking the steps towards a more environmentally conscious business.

The second prize winner is Julie, from Clive’s Classic Lounge. She had several ideas that were voted on and her idea of having motion detectors in our public washrooms is a great way to save energy!

The third prize winner is Victoria from Vista 18 who has suggested turning down the heat by a few degrees in the hotel will also help save more energy.

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day by getting more ideas on how we can continue our commitment to the environment. What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?


Think Green and Live Clean!

Chateau Victoria Celebrates Earth Day! The countdown is on!

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Here at the Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites, we are committed to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment in which we live and work. We already have implemented some great initiatives to incorporate into our everyday work life and work place!

This year we are celebrating Earth Day in our Chateau Victoria kind of way with

“a personal touch…”

We are celebrating with an Employee Earth Day 2012 Contest.

We are looking to our employees for original, environmentally beneficial ideas that will demonstrate the importance of re-use and waste reduction, and asking “What can we be doing to make our hotel a greener place?”

Submissions are flying in and we will be reviewing them this week and celebrating the winners before Earth Day. We will update you on the winner and the great ways we are maintaining our environmental initiatives.

Think Green and Live Clean!